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18 Mar 2016

Marantz CD38 vs Philips CD720 - The twin brother

The twin brother

for the umpteenth time .... has been told now and again that  many marantz and philips are the same machine, but I'm sure many people will find out it for the first time, or maybe they think that Marantz CD38 is at least a bettered version of Philips CD720 otherwise this is exactly the same machine....even the components are identical ...a twin brother with  different clothes.

....Philips front

....Marantz front

....both having a sunbathing hand by hand

....even the same frame.....I own both and I modded the Philips with great result (OPA2134 and Nichicon Muse) will notice the tweaked PCB on upper left side the original Marantz CD 38

for who want to know more aboutthe modification: 

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