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14 Mar 2016

"Lo Scherzo" DAC powered by an awesome TDA1543

This is born like a joke then I call it "Lo scherzo"
.....but believe me the wasn't me teasing it but it was teasing me with his amazing sound.......I was astonished at first feel!!!
OK it's a 16 bit DAC and it's easily overwhelmed by many 24 bits DAC in terms of detail, but you 'll find a lot of musicality in it... with his NOS TDA1543 and the fet output stage it gives a very pleasant , deep and balanced natural sound to the music!!
For sure it's over many  highly priced CD players!!!!


.....a DVD case hold in my handmade DAC it is my own DAC

.....the Synudine brand is gone yet and MaoAudioLab is coming soon over the new antracite color


.....Lo Scherzo is ready to find a new owner!!!    
.....I wish you the very best music with this magic device!!!!!!!!

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