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20 Mar 2012

Philips CD713 -TDA1545 Powered-passive I/V conversion - Analog tube output!

 Just take a look how is different the original cd713 ........almost empty case!!!!! needed really to be filled with nice tube follow......


I gave a try first to an active I/V conversion followed by the nice SRPP .........I tried some opamp in the socket and I found the original JRC to be amazing followed by tube buffer....... but I thought in this way signal will be corrupted by teens of active components inside the operational and passive too......this won't be the best I thought!
Then here they are : two little resistors between the respective I out and Vref (not ground!)
In this chip there's a reference reistor fixed inside  the DAC chip body then it's not to easy work with it in a passive way!....but after many tries it sounds stunning good!!!!!
It's the best way to get the shorter way eto output RCA connectors avoiding much losses and phase inversion!
The sound? this way flow away from DAC like water from a clean mountain source!!! ;-))

very bad need a plastic surgeon!;-)

 oooh here it's my masterpiece ....a pair of nice woden shoulders fit for a prince CD player!

 oooh yes's sooo cool now!!!!Really!!!! Sound??? It's music.....yes really music now in its real sense!!!!!...I don't feel like talking more........just listen and listen again......wooow!
mmmm...take a look!!

...and at last not at least the very nice russian triode are working sooooooo goood!!!!

Just changed some value in passive I/V conversion stage , and...........this device letterelly took off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stand without listen at !!!!!  
I'm a kind of ipnotized by it ...never listen  music better than this!!!!
....but I've to admit, many friends don't like its look and honestly right now I think it's time to pimp it up!!!!;-)
I will inform you soon about any restiling !!!!!!

This is the schematic I used to realize this jewel!!!!!!!!!!!No Op-amp at all can sound sooooo good!!!!!!! I'm pretty satisfied indeed!!!!!!!

...ah!  the tube used are a couple of nice 6N16 from russia ....

Rev. A pictures

Here we are with the best sounding player of my bunch!!
Nothing is "overdone" with it so natural so in balance with all parameters that you stop to analize sound and you start listening music forgetting to be in your living room......
Huge soundstage with polite but not shy at all presentation allaround, voice is lush , as much as piano can really hear all overtones you loose with thousand of other player....
...listening at the"Bolero di Ravel by Von Karajan and Berliner Philarmoniker", you will be pull up from your armchair every dynamic transition ...I never listened at such a kind of dynamic being pleasant, and not offending ears never and never!
I compared it with many other player (16bit - 24bit ) and no one shows the music in such outstanding way.....probably I found out the one with more details (but fadiguing- not natural) 
Actually It's my Nirvana!

"B" Rev.
for C4 and R10 I used respectively : a rubycon XYG and  a philips SFR25......nice couple!

...if you're interested in tube player see also this great job:

see also the newer circuit version here:

the same player adopting a 6N3P gain stage tube

Great sound indeed!!!!!

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