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5 Aug 2017

Marantz CD-5000 tube CD-Player a real Giant Killer

...the original PCB

...LPF circuit surrounded by nice Elna Cerafine around a NJM4560 .....all this will be usefull soon , leaving only a bare field on original PCB

...the King TDA1549T

... a lonely NJM upsdedown 's waiting to be thrown among junks moreover these four black caps around the DAC will be soon swapped by Sanyo Oscon and secret brand Low ESR Cap ....a terrific mix of quality our TDA is well feeded and filtered

... this iron holder before modd was uded to holds the headset PCB ...after modification it holds the main power switch and  the indicator led

...well done!
...a couple of 6J1... subminiature military do their job very well

.... now it sounds at very high level it's not scared by any big brands CDPlayer just 'cause "The Rude" knows  it's job and its value without shame or  respect for its priced contendent that's why it's called  "The Rude" but its name should be "David" against an audiophile world of "Golias" 

... the baby is crying sooo good!!!!!! Since the very first note it was a great success ......It shows t be fearless comparing to highly priced devices and in the most case of comparison it result the winner pushing at the corner highly priced brands without mercy ...that's  why I call it : "The rude" .. even if this definition is a big paradox 'cause it's not rude at all, on contrary it's highly refined , balanced,with a stunning natural center range , the voice is rich of armonics like i never heard before, the same is piano.
Increased deepness and dynamic at the best level now!!
The immage is really 3D , you could find yourself listening with open mouth.
I find TDA1549 sounds very similar to TDA1545 comparing them with the same tube output .....since TDA1545 out its in current there is a greatest bound of work with the latter one then in theory TDA1545 should result more "analog" sounding that 1549 that use an internal opamp for its output.
After my comparisons I can't find a real winner between them, they're both two great racing horses featured by a stunning olographic sound given by these little jewel tube that complete the masterpiece!
This is a very good device for its price but original is no more than a little step over an average CDPlayer....I mean you can hear soon it's not coarse like many entry level CD Player and it's high frequencies range is somewhat more accurate , but dynamic was really poor before, voice compressed and it sounded very flat, now it's another beast!!!!
...its very good sounding TDA1549 is like a   diamond covered with paint, that needs to be cleaned and then revealed at the eyes with all its magnificent light , that's why dismantle completely the original LPF circuit and take care of it with Sanyo Oscon Low ESR Cap in the right position ...and some more untold.... on the other hand we have these small penthode that gives the complete touch of magic !!! 
This device is a real 3D CDPlayer and since the name "Rude" don't pay for its great value we 'll call it "The Hologram Cd" carefull don't even try to listen at it more than a week, you could even find yourself addicted to this device!!!!