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29 Oct 2017

"L'Armandino" Harman Kardon HD-720 Tube CD Player

Another racing horse : the Harman Kardon with his PCM1710
risks to be another "number one" ! Tubes gives a warp speed to digital sound!! 
Before our HD720 gave a respectable sound but in some way smothened,compressed , syntetic , coming from the usual bottle neck (operational amplifier).
I was not a bad player to listen anyhow an inexpressed beauty rag dressed! 
I noticed from the first listening the detailed somehow musical character  of this was time to strip off ragamuffin dress to the prince and give him the crown it deserve....a new dedicated tube stage .


....some art

....lets start!

....the very nice sounding PCM1710

.... the Sanyo receiver...........I ever loved sanyo components in audio devices

....the original power supply power supply with 1 more fuse and one more main transformer....te same switch to control all

.... instaling the new fuse dedicated  for tube stage

....drill here and there

....the new RCA socket

....some preliminar tests

....high voltage power supply

....our 6N14P

.... the new look

The Sound is delicious!!!!!!! Involving indeed ! It remain the fantastic and realistic detail of PCM1710 but now free to express itself with a lot of room , precision, bass and dynamic ...a real pleasure to listen!!!!
I can even recall the Robert Miles&Trilok Gurtu CD, where I really checked out of my windows if there were children playing in the garden downstairs...... or my emotion listen at Patricia Barber in Cafè Blue  .I really love its sound.......this is what I call music!!!!! Thanks to Lukas Fikus  when around 10 years ago suggest me this crazy wonderful  idea! I took my path and I started to walk on  my own research aftertrying his SRPP tube mod. before on TDA 1543  and after TDA1541 ... I still recall it shocked me and it gives me the thrill and the willing to start my own research with tubes.... and  FETs too.
This Harman Kardon, such as "Il mostro MKII", such as  some newest jobs in some way summarize efforts ,tests and work of these latest 10 years.
HD-720 with this twin triode output is a real step up over many priced and valued devices!  I didn't invented anything, I only understood the right way to satisfy my give them something that finds easily the way to the hearth!!!
It's a real pleasure to listen at this HD-720 such as the CD5000 with subminiature penthode or CD5400 after thousand efforts to make the muting working again .
I mentioned some other devices that lives in "the Olympo" of this magic filosophy...they're in some way different :this "Armandino" (funny name! ;) ) is "the one" in terms of precision and detail; CD5000  simply makes you flow with its musicality ...the same CD38 and Denon ...Nakamichi is more solid and heavy .......and now I simply wish you  to....
Enjoy the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)