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31 Mar 2018 audio chain vs "golden brand"....

Sometime people look at highly priced and regarded devices in the same way religious and dogmatic people look at holy books , just forgetting a scientific and more human approach in order to chose the best for your audio system.
We don't have to forget that most of the highly regarded audio brand produces for true high quality gears ........if you spend thousand euro you can have for sure the best in your place , but this doesn't necessary means that  some smart audio chain can reach similar results .....and spending a lot of money doesn't necessary means that you will have the best if you're not smart in coupling the different gears in the chain .
My favorite argument is the analog part in digital sources and amplifiers , just 'cause I'm sure that it's the most responsible of a good and natural sound of your system.
Yes I'm quite agree that we start from a digital signal , so it's Important to have a quite reasonable low jitter level , but struggling to obtain a small improvement spending hundreds euro for a military aircraft suitable clock is not the best move if you're not a sheik !!!!! 
Starting in advance that my aim is to turn normal device in very performant ,and musical devices the same level of many very expensive one.
Ok I could be here simply to do marketing and sponsorize some product or just my job , you can even believe what you desire , but it's not this my aim!
All peoples who has a little of familiarity with audio devices knows very well the importance of the chain , and only the people with technical skill too can have a most complete panorama of the possibility that gives a well done modification inside each single gear , before the chose of a right coupling!
Analog section is the most important part of a PC audio cards, of a DAC of a CDPlayer........when the preamplification is correct , the filtering is correct and the out impedance is low enough even cables has much less impact on audio signal transport, only when the analog stage has a poor output buffer the cable are such important  just 'cause they has to correct its bug (too cold, sharpless, too bassy, agressive etc)
For what regarding DACs I've never understood why since there're a lot of similar ( that means same technology and almost same sound) people shows a great passion for one of them and not for the almost equal brothers .......mostly people loves one gear just cause is branded Conrad Johnson , but ignore its twin brother just 'cause it's a "normal" Philips.
Other people fadigue to believe that most of entry level CDPlayer could sound the same of very expensive machine , in part i understand them, we 're used to judge  as performant each device that shows a superb construction order and look even inside with the bigger capacitors you can find in golden dresses with the dogmatic write : "Audio" "For Audio" "Audio Pro" etc ......then, I've measured and tested   a lot of capacitors and I found out that not always that "Audio" caps are the best......there's "marketing" behind all of that!!!   I started to arrange my personal tab for each component with both their own electrical and acoustical character too.....and this  take me far ahead  in my job!
Some people love Burr Brown others love Analog Devices ignoring that many of them are quite the same chip (same project made by a different factory....sometime....sometime the same)
Take for instance Highly regarded Burr Brown PCM1702  ,  I love like it sounds but why some people doesn't care for its closest relatives PCM61 or PCM56 ???!! 
...or why someone raves for PCM1700 and not for 2x PCM61 which is quite identical , the first is 2 channel the latter only one...... and at last why believe a DAC with better datasheet MUST at all  sound better than a normal old one?!

At last to end up this discussion I would add some of my past job link  saying that all experience, even in audio , is related  to an emotion that give us music and the highest value that we can reach over all is "musicality" and the best result you can obtain in each audio device is timbric  neutrality, good dynamic and a correct in/out impedance, i mean when in all the gear those parameters are correct we can hugely grow up in terms of quality...musicality, this is quite a simple rule to me!!! (for what concern the technician "how it's up to him and his skill) !!!!! you are to remember some of my best job that recall the mentioned PCM DACs
They're two great jobs , both with stunning results, even if you can prefer the first or the latter this depends always by the best analog gear at the very end of the chain : your ears!!
Take care to everyone , have nice listening and nice Easter celebration! :) 

5 Mar 2018

Marantz CD36 lampized with a couple of subminiature 6J1B pentode...a kind of masterpiecece

Marantz CD36 lampized with a couple of 6J1b pentode is one of the most refinite and beautiful sounding player I've ever listening at!!!!!
I swapped the main capacitors for a Pana 4700uF and the other one 3300uF and the two caps  closest to DAC with Sanyo 1000uF 25V (green ones) ; the first on the 5V supply the second one on Vref pin wich is the one connected at the I/V resistors.
For I/V resistors conversion I used two paralel  1Meg resistors each channel , one of them was SFR by Philips wishay wich gives great details and accurate image.
The 6J1B pentode gives a great quality and they don't ask too much in terms of current or high anodic voltage.
The result is a real analogic masterpiece!!!
CD36 is one of the most analogic player i've ever modified!!!!!!....a pleasure for the ears!!!!!

Tubed Maranz CD63 the analogue sound in digital dresses

the analogue sound in digital dresses