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19 Dec 2014

Rotel RA-930BX vs TPA3116 class D amp driving a very difficoult load

The hot comparative

Both these devices were driving my own made loudspeakers system , and I think they're not the easiest load they can drive!!!

The "Brezee amp" mounting the class D chip was recapped and bettered by some bypass here and there , the Rotel was tweaked in the preamp section swapping the TL052 op-amp with a new and more performant OPA827 x 2 on brown dog adapter.....even it bypassed by the usual polyester caps in the critical points, and the game is done!

The comparative has to go on with a Marantz CD63 SE like source!Follows my impressions .......

I was tickled to perform this comparative after my previous comparative between the Nad C520 and this T-amp in another system with a very easy load and I was impressed by the T-amp some ways more open and more detailed than Nad , with a great soundstage and a very intimate voice .

......but when the game becomes hard the weakness comes out....

I  decided to compare this monster T-amp with my Rotel driving my hand made loudspeakers system......I know they're not an easy load............
I decided to start with the TPA to feed my curiosity , and soon I had a nice impression , I mean better than any T-amp tested before with them ..... the sound was even here very detailed and crispy but something comes weird I didn't know what at first feel.
I listened at Bill Berry - For Duke and I was pleased by listening but a tad of energy was missing.....when I arrived to the Guccini's voice I had understood ......his voice becomes unnatural and  not involving, moreover it lacks a tad of dynamic compared to Rotel.

TPA3116 is a great device coupled with the right load but not all loudspeakers are pleased to be driven by it!
In this case the modded Rotel was the winner ,  the music took off again with it!!!

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