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7 Oct 2014

Nakamichi CD Player 3 Lampized with 6n16b tube


PCM1700  a very good DAC .....a revelation!!!

The original one......

the power supply

.a tiny PCB to host the magic subminiature tube named 6n16b. A superb octal fitted on a op-amp DIP8 socket.

a superb russian subminiature double triode!!

here we are!!! just stay in touch!!! ;-)

....a very well working power supply and a necessary shield .

The lampized one!

....and the tube??! it's coming soon!!!!!! ;-)

here we go!!!...the nice 6n16b at his place!!!!!! alu. shield was necessary to prevent any hum from transformer...


a magnificent cathode follower to drive a shiny signal 

The sound

I just wanna spend few words for this device.
I'm just here to say coldly that this Nakamichi after the lampization is the best player I've ever heard on this earth!!!!!
Am I teasing you????Not at all I really think it's a superb player better that many analogic turntable I've heard a real state of the art in sound matter!!!
I did a first prototipe adopting 1st order philter  for the DAC oversampling frequency but I suddenly change it to a 2nd order with the best result!!!!!
I really love as it sounds!
It sounds so beefy full, detailed , natural , extended with a natural propencity to a very natural vocal gama!
You litterally stuck to your  armchair and don't need to move anymore......nothing is better than this finally discover MUSIC over the sound and nothing at this world  ought part you from this magic union!!!!!
Soon I should give back this jewell to its owner, but the search is on since now!!!!!

....see you soon!!!!

So what are you waiting for?!!! just plug it and listen to the magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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