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16 Jan 2012

Sony CDP-XE270 modificato Audiophile

Here we have a beautiful design by Sony-new generation "powered" by a performant CXD2587 !
This chip is an integrated "multitask" chip...... it's not only a bare DAC but even a digital servo with a build in LPF filter-output for the 1bit DAC!
It really do most of the work inside this Sony CDP.....and nice side is that it sounds really well!

.....a couple views of the original chassis

.....output with our nice fellows Nichicon Muse bypassed by poliester cap. and followed by Allen Bradley resistors.....mmmmmm it's like butter and strawberry jam ;-) !

I did not mentioned any Opa just 'cause I swapped a lot of them and I found many good working in my's on your taste!!  My taste takes me to an OPA2140 and it still lay there!.....Impressive "punch" stunning bass clear and equilibrate middle and wonderfull riging bell on the high side!

poliester bypass allaround......

 ....oooh yes ....even the nippon chemi in the right place do their work very good!!

I did buy this player almost for mistake from eBay...I don't know what I managed to win it from an eBay auction but I won it on my birthday of 2010 so I considered it like a present from no one and I'm a kind of attached at it! ....and sounds more than decent!!! almost the same of his broth Sony195.....I would say different but not worst! Actually the best result were using opa2140 and OPA1642 the latter is a kind of strange racing beast...I need to get used at it!!! ;-)
last upgrade!
I added the voltage regulators +-5V and I swapped the serie's diode for 4 super fast diode!!!
Wow!the improvement is really huge!!!!!!!Now I dare to say it sounds detailed but sooooo accurate...mmmmmmmm a very fine texture sound!!!!

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  1. Ciao MauriAudio.

    I want to start with my 1st hi-fi mod. I am an engineer by training but I do not have any experience so far.

    I can buy one of these for 10 euro so I thought it could be a great opportunity to give it a try.

    I would like to do the same mods as you did. Could you help me out with more details of your mods?



  2. Hi Javier,
    by this mod you can achieve a good result indeed but if you would overtake this result try to find an old CDP-195 Sony it's a rel giant killer after some tweak!(see my earlier post)
    OK and now some tips to proceed with your 1st mod:
    first of all service manual - then check the DAC output (balanced or not - I out or V out) in this case it's a V out balanced so the signal out needs a simple buffer to drive + and - joined in an unbalanced signal to the amplifier!
    In this device there are some simple and fundamental mods:
    op-amp swapped for a better one (it's up to your taste!)
    I chose an AD8052 (12V power supply max) very fast op-amp!
    I feed it with two 7805 and 7905 ..... I bettered all power supply field (shottky diode and low esr caps)
    at last I left the muting transistor out and I use nichicon muse BP bypassed by polyprop. for the signal out! That's all!!!!
    I wish you a nice job...and don't be worried you'll succeed! the way I'm only a passionate not an engineer ;-)

    where you're from?