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17 Dec 2017

Marantz CD-5400 Tube tweaking .... a great job!!!

This is rated over an average CD Player, but if you listen at it you find it hard sounding yes very detailed , but  flat and somehow harsh......
I know very well its internal DAC and it's quite beyond all of this!!!!!
OK ! It's time to put my hands on it! 

 ....the finished work.....not without difficoulties!!!!!!

....but let's start from the beginning :
 this socket fit for an operational amplifier'????
:D ahahh  noo!!! This is my job to fit a subminiature tube with great great great result!!!!!!!!

 ....poor wreck of CD Player

 ....all capacitors on digital section was swapped for better ones

 ....signal stolen directly from DAC .....ready to be delivered to an amplification stage, yes amplif. stage and after it even a buffer

 ... low ESR capacitors

 ... old caps

 ... a bit of hardware job cutting path here and there.....

 ...hated and loved muting circuit

 ...some other moods on digital field

 ... the MaoAudioLab new tube stage 

 ...drilling here and there for use muting circuit

 ... some pieces are only junks

 ...I need muting circuit but with some mods ;)

 ...a stronger clamp on disc with an addictional magnet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sound
It's a pleasure to listen at least but not at last  now we have a deep detailed and full of body sound!!!!!!
This is a powerfull CD Player but not only ....... now it's even very musical!!!!!!!!....a real pleasure for the ears!!!!!! 

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