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20 Dec 2016

NAD 3120 tweaked shows his nails!

This NAD3120 need for sure to be recapped ......but why don't take care of the signal path along its way to the power section??

....the old capacitors

....the new LOW ESR cap twice value helps to have a deepest scene increasing sound energy

....tiny SMD (secret component) caps are magik for increasing detail and soundstage

....please don't be gready with resistors  along signal path ;)

....a great discrete preamp section need even an improvement in his feeding

....Philips Vishay MKP orange caps helps a lot along the signal path .......the recipe

The sound

Reviewing it's always a kind of puzzle!!! Some people raved for this device, others simply don't appreciate so much their typical sound.
I simply think that we don't have to be too stiff judging audio devices, such as many other things .
NAD amplifiers such as this model , the famous 3020 or similar 80's model the same power, to my ears sounds not bad not too right, simply a bit dark , a kind of tricked sound that can be found pleasant but not for the finests ears!
After the upgrade it changes its temper at all : the tricked scene where the soundstage was tangibly more compressed and smoothered like it was under a blanck  , turns soon to a enjoyable scene vivid and dynamic where you can easily guess where each instrument is.......before wasn't soo easy!!!!
Now it's a real pleasure to listen!!! Great NAD after the upgrade!!

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