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31 Oct 2011

Audiophile DIY tube DVD/CD Player Wolfson WM8766 + Russian Tube 6n16 Srpp analog out

Here we are!!
....... finally with the first tube player completely self made starting from a cheap Daytek DT501 multimedia player born with a stunning  wolfsong DAC in its guts!!!!
It was a really good start from a cheap player
....I went soon hardly tickled to play hard with this player starting from a very good point, like its DAC's!
....soooo lack of rooms inside how to work with it?? and very bad looking case........then?? c'mon Mauri let's build on a very new one!!!! ;-))

the original view......

..once upon a time a  Daytek....

                                             testing the tube circuit.....
                                hard working with the wood.........
                                          a view of key buttons board and power supply........
                                 ...hard working with new self made alluminium frontal panel ......

                              Mediatek chip .......the wiser chip i can read really any format around the web
                                            ...this is the source of this analog clean sound......
this is a fantastic sounding wolfson DAC!!!

                                soooo cute!!!!
                                          the iron weight on its top!!
                                           nice to see some rust on it ;-))
                                oooooh.....two stunning russian miniature tube  are taking place on the layout

                                          slowly it's taking its shape

                                             new  golden RCA connectors...
                                            I moved the switch on the rear panel ;-)
                                          components are taking a definitive place inside the player

                                  works really fine!!

                                          here they are!!! Beautiful warm lighted tube on  work!!

                                 don't miss nothing.......even a power supply filter for a clean feeding!

two fitted audio polypropilene output caps coupled with stunning Allen Bradley carbon composite resistors!!!!!!!!!

the modded display.... charming

"A" Rev.

For those who don't believe make a DVD Player sounds better than some giant of audiophile world .....this is the proof it's possible!!
But don't try it with any kind of player.....could be a big defeat......yes indeed....I found many DVD Players assempling in theyr guts higly valuable DACs such as wolfson (this one use a magic sounding wolfson) or Crystal or Burr Brown (such as the Pioneer Dvd-570 -see my post here!)
I found the wolfson used in those player even better than many DACs  dedicated for audio application!
Very close if not the same result was given by Crystal DACs such as the one I tweacked in yamaha  DVD-S550 (see my earlier post).....this one is ovetaking Yamaha only because of the stunning russian 6n16p SRPP analog out!!!!!!
The only weakness could be the cheap laser pick up mechanic .....I fixed it on ribbon feet for the best vibration isolation with fair good result!
case is buil with vibration elimination concept : heavy iron on top and bottom, wooden side and three wooden feet fixed to the bottom trhought ribbon layer!
The tubes should be shielded by power supply , motors, but in this case first of all by the fluorescent display!!!!!!! ;-) (I did it!!!)
Sound???  not even the modded  Sony CDP-227ESD sounds better than this one  ....probably with the same analog output it will!
This Player isn't in my hand now you wanna hear it????? go to "Dragun Pub" - Via della Repubblica 73  - Camogli/Genova - Italy
.....there you can drink the best beer of the zone in a pleasant company and every Sunday enjoy  the amazing live Jazz nights!!!

just enjoy the music!!!!!!!

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